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Our Mission

Committed to Excellence

We love working with Organizations and partners that are up to the challenge of transitioning ideas and concepts from the desk to market-ready products for the defence and security market. As a reliable partner for market research, campaign planning and sales strategy implementation, I and my team are ready and able to play a vital role in the success story of your product idea. Usually, this story is a multi-year management effort which is always challenging but it can be fun and profitable.


20 years of solid Marketing and Sales experience focussing on results, independent, by leading teams or with corporate clients. Over the years working with great Austrian companies like Photonic or Hirtenberger Defence, in different roles but constantly targeting the global market for their products by conduct market analyses, strategy planning and organise and coordinate sales actions. To accompany these companies and their individual product range through their journey gave me the chance to gather experience and knowledge in a variety of different fields of technology but also to apply my skills within different market situations and applied strategies.


Our team of experts is ready to help you develop and implement strategies for not only surviving but thriving in the future within the defence business.


I like to invite you to contact me and to talk about ideas and possibilities for business.

Give me a call or message today to set up your first consultation.

Our Services



Consultant Services for KMUs and Industry

30 years of combined know how and experience in defence market

Comprehensive Skill Set for the market and promotion of military equipment

Worldwide Marketing and Sales Operations

Wide network of enabler and influencers for user orientated communication


Marketing Studies focused on long-lasting business success

Analysing Products, Markets, Competitors

Planning Business Strategies for Productrs and Serices

Creation of Brands

Implementation of Marketing Schedules


Sales Strategies optimised for user and market demands

Implementation of Marketing Analyses

Establishment of International Sales Strategy 

Conduct of Multi Level Sales Operation

Contact Us

Treteste GmbH, Jägergasse 4, 2531 Gaaden, Austria.

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Gesellschaft mit Beschränkter Haftung

Unternehmensberatung, Ingenieursbüro, Handel

FN: 498529 g Wr Neustadt

UID: ATU3635168

Geschäftsführer Ing Roland Pittracher MBA


Jägerstrasse 4; 2531 Gaaden

Bezirkshauptmannschaft Mödling


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